Staying Healthy While Traveling Out of the Country

woman at the airport

People are anxious to travel abroad these days due to the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an advisory telling people to avoid traveling overseas unless fully vaccinated. Even with the vaccine, you still need to be cautious due to the emergence of new virus variants. If you cannot delay the …

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Most Sidetracked Activities for the Average Millennial Due to COVID-19

man holding a passport

Due to the pandemic, a lot of normal activities for the average person got sidetracked for another time. The pandemic has neutralized movement between businesses, governments, and people around the world. The number of business ventures and transactions that were halted was unprecedented and has never been seen before. Governments imposed restrictions for millions, making it …

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A Short Guide for Your First Thailand Trip

Thailand trip

Famous for its dynamic cities, stunning natural landscapes, and rich culture, it’s no surprise that Thailand is among the top countries to visit in Southeast Asia. If you’re looking to visit its incredible beaches and see its magnificent landmarks, check out some of our suggestions below. What places should I visit first? There are so …

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A Guide to Living as a Digital Nomad

woman leader

You’re probably wondering how people who post pictures of them constantly traveling are working to fend for their lifestyle. While a part of them prepares for long-term travel, some work remotely and earn as they live in different parts of the world. These traveling workers are today’s digital nomads. What is a digital nomad? A …

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