Working Out Safely Amid a Pandemic

woman doing yoga

There are two ways you can keep yourself safe from COVID-19. The first one is to never go out of your house. Have your needs delivered to your home. Pay all your dues online. Is that possible? The second one is to boost your immune system by doing three things: sleep well, have a balanced …

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To Avoid the Dangers of Drowsy Driving, Improve Your Fitness Routine


Just like a construction helmet is a must for on-site workers, drivers should never get behind the wheel without committing to safe practices. Some of these behaviors are nearly automatic, like buckling up your seat belt, adjusting the mirrors, and switching the headlights on. Others are done in advance, like the regular maintenance of your vehicle or avoiding drinking. But …

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Scoliosis Home Workouts: 8 Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Core

Doing Yoga

If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis and have been going through several sessions of non-surgical scoliosis correction, you might want to try out these exercises at home. The following exercises support your scoliosis treatment program by helping you strengthen your core and improving your posture and balance. 8 Exercises People with Scoliosis Can Do …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Toastmasters Track

woman leader

Toastmasters (TM) International, a nonprofit educational organisation, has found its place in over 141 countries, developing great speakers and responsible leaders. Its unique local club-based system creates a safe space for both beginners and seasoned professionals to improve their communication skills and share their expertise. Joining a TM club helps people who experience glossophobia or …

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Improving Your Baseball Pitch

Man hitting the ball with a bat

Baseball is one of America’s best and well-loved sports. You can see families and friends huddling together at a stadium as they watch their favorite teams bat it out for fame and glory. Before these professionals became the legends they are today, they were also once amateurs. Nobody is born skilled right off the bat, …

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