What to Wear on Your First Horseback Riding Experience

Woman having a horseback riding lesson

Like with any other sports, horseback riding requires proper attire for better experience and control. Your normal day-to-day clothing isn’t safe for a horse ride, so if you want to make it out unharmed and alive, you need to follow the right dress code. Believe it or not, a majority of horseback riding accidents happen …

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Things You Need to Learn About Skin Care Moisturizers

Facts about Moisturizers you need to know

People are becoming more conscious of their skin, especially as they age. Good thing, a lot of beauty brands today are becoming more innovative and advanced in order to cater to their consumer’s needs. Skin moisturizers, for instance, are one of the most in-demand skincare products today. It is important particularly for softening dry and …

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Things to Avoid After Brazilian Waxing

Waxed Skin

Just got a Brazilian wax and feeling good about yourself? Well, you definitely should. You must always remember to pamper yourself every once in a while, and that involves taking that unwanted hair off your body. It’s understandable that many people, particularly women, want some hair removed from specific parts of their body. Obviously, the …

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