The Newly-wed Challenges: Can You Overcome Them?

newly weds

Many people tend to see marriage through rose tinted glasses. While it can be beautiful, it still has its challenges that every couple needs to face. Some can be difficult, but overcoming these can only strengthen your relationship. If movies were the only basis for marriage, then everything might seem magical. What most movies with …

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4 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Eyelash Extensions

Woman with natural eyelashes

To people who are not blessed with full and attractive eyelashes, it’s always a struggle to find ways on how you could make it thicker and fuller. Fact is, you’ve probably tried tons of mascara and eyelash products to keep them on fleek but to no avail. Because of this, you’re left with one option …

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Picture Perfect: The Skincare Routine Inspired by Your Korean Idol

Aside from concerts and meet-and-greet events, few things make you feel closer to your Korean pop idols than practicing a meticulous skincare routine just like theirs. Maybe it’s the feeling of being pampered or maybe it’s the thought of having clear, glowing, celebrity-like skin — either way, investing in Korean skincare products and following Korea’s …

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Are You Guilty of Ruining Your Skin?

Woman popping pimple

The road to having a great looking skin starts with treating it right. Unfortunately, some of the things you do or use may contribute to skin damage over time (without fully realizing it). These may include your skin care products, lifestyle, vices, and diet. Here are some of the habits that can compromise the look …

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Bespoke Jewelry: Five Pieces that Are Better When Customized

A customized piece of jewelry is an excellent investment piece because it’s something that speaks of your style and aesthetic ideal. They are a form of personal expression that is unique and specifically made based on your preference and individual design. Many jewelry stores offer customization and personalization, but not all of them could customize …

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