Social influences

Society today focuses a lot on personal appearance. We as people get heavily influenced by what other people are doing. In a world where social media effectively controls our day-to-day lives and is used as a platform by many, it is no surprise that people watch what other people are doing and choose to imitate …

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Questions about clear braces answered

final touch of clear braces

Invisalign Clapham has changed the way many people think of orthodontic care in their adult years, and there is a reason why. The aligner is very straightforward to use and is easily fitted into most adult routines. That is not to say that patients who are undertaking the treatment do not have questions, and this …

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Modeling Lifestyle: How You Can Stay Competitive

fashion show runway

Modeling can be a very profitable career if done correctly. According to The Daily Beast, the average model earns $128,000 annually. It is much higher than the national median household income of $53,046. In addition, modeling offers several other benefits, including flexible hours and the opportunity to travel the world. As a result, the industry …

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Your journey to a better smile

woman smiling

In dentistry, there are a range of dental treatments that focus primarily on how your teeth look; these are cosmetic dental treatments and they are able to transform your teeth by using the latest in dental technology and modern techniques. If you have always wanted straighter teeth as a child, but as an adult are …

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