Bespoke Jewelry: Five Pieces that Are Better When Customized

A customized piece of jewelry is an excellent investment piece because it’s something that speaks of your style and aesthetic ideal. They are a form of personal expression that is unique and specifically made based on your preference and individual design. Many jewelry stores offer customization and personalization, but not all of them could customize …

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What are the Popular Days for an Engagement?

The Best Location for an Engagement

The most popular time for an engagement seems to be the period between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, with 40% of proposals happening on these days based on an analysis. You should expect prices of jewelry to increase since demand is likely higher during this time. AAA Jewelers explains that if you live in Utah, jewelers in Salt Lake City may …

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Green House: How to Transform Your Home into a Work of Sustainable Architecture

Environmental damage is not just a problem for the earth, but for the entire human existence, as well. In 2015, the UN Environment Programme brought together thousands of scientists and hundreds of governments and scientific institutions to examine how damaged the world is. The study found that some of the most threatening environmental damage are …

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