Makeup 101: How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Make-up artist work on her friend

If you have smaller eyes or monolids, making your eyes look bigger through the use of makeup is probably up there on your must-learn beauty tricks. But mastering the doe-eyed look can seem quite daunting. Luckily, with the right tools and techniques, whether you love to use Korean skincare and makeup products, western brands or …

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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Rustic Wedding?

Rustic Wedding theme

If you plan to tie the knot, a Minnesota barn wedding can cost between $25,000 and $30,000 based on a 2018 analysis. The price of renting a barn or farm will cost almost $6,000 for a low-end venue, while more expensive facilities could reach up to $12,000. A wedding in a coastal state like California …

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Feel the Love: The Perfect Favors for Your Party

group of friends celebrating

One of the most important things a party host should keep in mind when planning is what party favors to get. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a casual birthday party, a shower, an anniversary party, an engagement party or a huge wedding reception — it’s understandable for guests to expect a small token after attending …

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