How Much Should You Spend to Hire a Professional Organizer?


Are you looking for some professional home organizers in Seattle? You might encounter different quotes, but the actual price depends on several factors, such as their skills and years of experience. You can hire a part-time organizer, who might either be a stay-at-home parent or a college student. However, you should know that these people don’t have …

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Dental care in Clapham.


Founding fathers Clapham is an area in the centre of London, renowned for its bustling high-street shopping and amenities, diverse social history and it’s strongly established sense of community – whilst still being slap in the centre of London’s busy metropolis. One notable early resident of Clapton was Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers …

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When Reflux Becomes More Than Bothersome

Close up of man having acid reflux

Not just heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has taken many forms. Symptoms also include chest pain, difficulty swallowing, the sensation of a lump in your throat, or chronic cough in cases of nighttime acid reflux. It is even misdiagnosed, leading to unnecessary treatments and costs. Sometimes, the symptoms of GERD are oftentimes ignored; but the …

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