Veneers and crowns for restoring your teeth

dentist on operation

Many people wonder whether veneers Gordon or crowns are the most suitable way of restoring their teeth. They are two of the most common methods of tooth restoration, however they are used for different roles. A crown is used to restore the structure and strength of a tooth that has been damaged by cavities and …

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FAQs about emergency dental care answered

If you wake up at 4 am with extreme dental discomfort, then you know what that means. Call an emergency dental team! But what if the issue is more insidious? Does it still need urgent treatment? When it comes to identifying and treating dental emergencies, it is best to know as much as you can …

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Straightening your teeth gently and conveniently with Invisalign


Invisalign Wagga is a very popular method of teeth straightening thanks to the aligners that are almost invisible in your mouth. Invisalign can help address mild or moderate misalignment issues of the teeth and achieve a beautiful straight smile which is aesthetically pleasing and cleaner and healthier than before. To find out whether or not …

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