Traveling with Your Pets Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

traveling with dog

Airlines and countries haven’t always made it easier for our furry friends to travel. It took us a while before we were able to find an airline that accepts our dog in the cabin. So, what happens now with Covid-19 still threatening people, businesses, and governments? It hasn’t always been clear if people can get …

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YOLO: Four Simple Ways to Be Young and Healthy

healthy living

Oh, to be young! It’s the best time of your life! You’re strong, curious, and carefree. It’s the time many of you young people would go bungee jumping in a heartbeat. Pulling an all-nighter several times a week would probably never even bother you. You’d drink and eat whatever you liked! Of course, when you’re …

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Cooking Causes Indoor Air Pollution at Home: What You Can Do


Pollution is a real threat to public health but, according to experts, the majority of exposure does not happen outside. Around the world, countless people are inhaling air pollution inside their homes and, no, these are not from the fumes that come from vehicle exhaust or smoke coming out of factories. Various human activities generate …

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Decline Food Pushers Effectively with These 8 Tips


Food pushers are diet saboteurs. They insist on filling your plate or suggesting a new dish, even when you’re doing your best to stay healthy or lose weight. These food pushers can be anyone — a friend who likes trying out different cuisines, your colleague at work who loves baking sweet treats or your kind …

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Five Fixes to Make Your Teens to Eat Healthily

family eating healthy

A healthy and balanced diet for teenagers? Teens eating fruits and vegetables rather than snacking on Doritos? Is that even possible? Yes, of course, it is. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that the rate of adolescent obesity quadruples to more than 20% in the past two decades and that 30% …

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Effective Ways to Overcome the Common Mental Health Problems

depressed woman

Challenging times and unfamiliar new experiences could cause stress for most people. Extreme stress could lead to anxiety, and anyone can experience it from time to time. Some may perceive anxiety as a normal human emotion and reaction when feeling threats or in danger. Normal anxiety can be identified by a sense of discomfort, agitation, …

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