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The COVID-19 virus that’s sweeping the country has a lot of people on edge. Some want a quick resolution, while some have managed to take it as good as they could. These people are, by far, among the luckier ones who can take the stress brought about by the pandemic. Some aren’t as lucky, though. These people have developed different

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If you ever feel too stressed out about the prospect of caring for your elderly parents, don’t fret because you are not alone. Plenty of young caregivers feel that they cannot move on with their lives because they have to care for their elderly parents. It’s okay to feel guilty. It’s okay to be stressed about it. We’re all humans,

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Upcycling is a process that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Upcycling is the process where an unused item is given a second go for its own purpose by giving it an entirely new function and value. While recycling takes materials and breaks them down to their most basic parts, upcycling takes an already used product and reuses the same

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Do you have an interesting idea that you’d like to share? I’d like to work with you!

I am looking for contributors who are naturally sassy and who can write fun lifestyle articles that are easy to read.

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Think out of the box, live in the moment!

Hi, I’m Iggy Sunday. I am a florist, a fashion design and interior design enthusiast, and mom to an adorable shih tzu puppy. I am in love with all things beautiful, and that’s mostly what I write about. Here, you will find fun, informative articles about fashion, beauty, fitness, home interiors, and even pet care.

As you may have already guessed, this blog began as a space for self-expression. I like making beautiful things and sharing them to other people. From a personal blog that contained mainly anecdotes, I have opened my world to more people, and now it contains works by other like-minded writers as well as collaborations with amazing artists.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you find something that will encourage you to think out of the box and live in the moment.

Here’s to loving life, appreciating the small stuff, and creating your own happiness!

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