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  1. Ad says it's a Whippet
  2. Any updates on this little one?
  3. Still hoping everything turns out OK with happy ending.
  4. Any sightings or other good news?
  5. Bump again
  6. Bumping this so someone sees your request for Iva's contact information. I know there is someone on here that has it I just can't remember who it is. You might want to start a new thread requesting Iva's or a referral to a good communicator's contact information.
  7. Have you thought about using a psychic? Working with one might give you a place to start looking. Still the information might be vague but it could give you some clues about where to begin. Don't lose hope many IGs have been found after missing for weeks. I certainly hope she's not gone for that long but don't give up! They are a lot tougher and smarter than we give them credit for. Wish I lived closer.
  8. Finally some good news! I know her owners have been worried sick.
  9. Hope your Mom is going to be OK
  10. I sent it to a freind in your area. I hope your Mom is going to be OK and healing thoughts to you as well. I'm sure Lucy is waiting to hear your voice. Prayers for a good outcome for all.
  11. Private email the original poster FMI. I don't think she's been here for a while.
  12. Is there a happy ending?
  13. I agree with George, this is not the breed for you.