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  1. LOL I'm OLD, Michelle! How did that happen??? (thanks, btw)

  2. I like your profile picture! You're a sexy chick!

  3. The Iggy of the Month photo banner has been updated!
  4. I'll change out our photo banner to reflect the current Iggy of the Month winners when I get back from NY... it'll be a few days, so hang on...
  5. the Flickr banner at the top of the forum, showcasing the winners, will be updated this evening....
  6. The Flickr banner has been updated with the new July winners...
  7. Congratulations to all the winners! As soon as I get back from Biloxi later this week. I'll change our big Flickr banner to reflect the July winners...
  8. Feel free to post about missing or found dogs that are non-IG! If you have an update on the dog, please let us know.
  9. Don't forget to update your posting, if the found iggy finds its way home!
  10. Don't forget to update your posting, if the lost iggy has been found!
  11. FEBRUARY 2005 Congrats to Apollo!
  12. JANUARY 2005 Miles in Alaska
  13. DECEMBER 2004 The crew at Greyson IGs :flowers: :flowers: