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  1. UPDATE!!!! Niko was found and reunited with his owners a couple of hours ago. He had been on his own since Friday. I am not a big fan of social media but Twitter was a big help. Niko's owners had folks tweet sightings while they were out looking so they were able to respond quickly. He was on his way to the vet to get checked out. I am so glad he was found. Tammy and The Boys plus one girl to rule them all!
  2. Please cross post this message wherever you can. Thanks
  3. If anyone is in the Orem area, Niko and his family need your help. He and his family are from California and he went missing while they were visiting for a graduation. He is a 10 year old lost near Orem High School He weighs 15lbs and takes medication. Last seen wearing a red harness. Please contact Jeanette at 949-697-0011. He is very shy, please do not chase. Hope he is safe and folks can help find him. Thanks Tammy and the boys plus one girl to rule them all
  4. I thought the iggy was a she. Tammy
  5. USA!!! Go Women's Soccer!!!