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  1. Yvonne is no longer involved, but Roxanne is. She likely already knew of the dog.
  2. It does but he doesn't look like a whippet, just an IG mislabeled.....send the info to Roxanne Bailey, she's the IGCA rep for So Cal.
  3. Unfortunately this one has had two confirming reports of the dog being hit on the freeway, though there have been no confirmed remains yet. Jutta feels the stories are reputable.
  4. Those costs are way too low. And while it talks about one iggy, several of those subjects are in fact subjective depending on the individual and the person.
  5. Look after yourself with your broken bones! What an inconvenience!

  6. Mary, is there a link to the pic thread?? Am I blind??
  7. PLEASE PIN!! Permission to post: I would like to inform you of a newly-established email list called K9 Amber Alert. This is a nationwide group and is to be used for posting alerts for missing dogs throughout the United States similar to the way Amber Alerts are used to help find missing or abducted children. Incidents will be typical of, but not limited to: dogs escaped or suspected taken from backyards, dog shows, caretakers. Photos can be uploaded to the group. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/K9AmberAlert/ http:SLASHSLASHpetsDOTgroupsDOTyahooDOTcom/group/K9AmberAlert Please consider passing this URL along to any other dog-related groups you belong to.
  8. I'm not sure she still visits here, the poster put this up 11 mos ago.
  9. Oh what fun, Sushi just told me she wants to thank the Academy, her mommy, her bunny trainer (me), and all of you great voters!!!!!!!!
  10. And a big LICK to all
  11. We WoN, We WoN, We WoN!!!!! Fast Eddie and Quin the Explorer Thank ALL their FANS!!!!
  12. :welcomesign: Irma... As much as we can help, only you will ultimately be able to answer, but here are the stats... We have a number of canadian iggies here on the board and they do well, but we all make concessions with this breed. For one thing, they get under your skin and live there and you cannot say no easily to the way they wish to live....neither of you will be happy. Yes they can do fine in cold climates if you provide them a very warm cozy place to hang out and many clothes to keep them warm for those brief excursions to the outside to do business and excercise. It's very hard to train a young pup if they are left unsupervised during the day every day, so an older rescue might be the ticket. And they are very difficult to housebreak (not impossible), but that takes much time and patience and you to be there to read the signs. So again, an older, perhaps litter trained dog might work well. They are very attached to their human pack and feel a sense of entitlement to your space, so not being allowed on furniture is not something you are going to want to deal with....I cannot say there is a single iggie on this board who doesn't spend much of their time snuggled on your bed or sofa...if so, I haven't found them yet. They are lap dogs and were bred for that and need the comfort and warmth. An older dog can be a low maintenance dog as long as the rescue person you work with knows what you are looking for and one becomes available...but potty accidents are endemic in the breed for most people, and for the most part those are the owners who are not around during the day, or cannot watch their iggie full time. They are small dogs and many toy dogs cannot hold it that long at all. Yes there are exceptions, but it's not the norm, and an 8 hour day is too much for most. Again a potty/litter trained older dog might work if you can find one who's reliable. But the furniture issue is a pretty big one and only you can decide on that comfort level. My 5 dogs spend a huge amount of their time on their own down comforters on MY sofas and sleep under the covers with me. I'd venture to say that's true for the majority of iggyplanet members with some variation as to sleep locations. OFF-LEASH is NOT an option an any unfenced area for 99% or sighthounds. You will lose them to the nearest vehicle in the nearest street. In a fenced area with safe other dogs of their own size, certainly, but NEVER loose on the street or yard without a fence. This breed is still a sighthound and was bred to chase game....birds, cars, bikes, children, mice, gophers, and anything like them will attract their chase skills and you can say goodbye. Only safe martingale or no-choke type collars are safe with a sighthound, and even then, there are stories of iggies who slipped their collars and were gone. So there are the facts as I know them and you can answer your question with your own feelings on the subject. Best of luck in your decision.