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  1. It's always such a relief when lost iggies are found safe & sound!
  2. I saw it on several of the IG sites on Facebook. If Niko's owner hasn't already done these things, it will really help to find Niko: post flyers for several miles around & send copies to Vets and Animal Control offices within several miles; get a search committee together and canvas door-to-door asking neighbors to check their sheds/crawl spaces/garages to see if Niko has taken refuge there. Also give flyers to the mail person, FedEx & UPS drivers who may have seen him. Keep track of any sightings received and borrow or lease a "have a heart" trap with food water and an article of the owner's clothing. Sending prayers that this boy gets back to his people safely.
  3. Yes, between Roxann & Barbara Birt, they got this little IG out & into a foster care situation. YAY!
  4. Info sent to Roxann, Barbara (just in case) & Yvonne (not even sure if she's still a rep).
  5. Posted to 2 Whippet sites, although it wouldn't post on FB WRAP page (?!). Hope this sweet boy gets freed.
  6. So glad that she is back with her people!
  7. I know, this hurts my heart as well. I just pray really hard that someone is giving him shelter.
  8. This boy has been missing since 12/10/13 in Salisbury, NH. Please notify if he is seen at number listed:
  9. So many of us were holding out hope that Larry would be found alive. He is now with his human mom who passed away from cancer before this whole debacle began. Run free, sweet boy, you have so many people who love you and followed your story.
  10. Still no resolution to Larry's being lost. I feel so bad for all concerned. A miracle would truly be nice right about now.
  11. Leila ,I read Peter Fitzpatrick's callous statement in numerous places. If Air Canada hopes to recoup their reputation at all, they'll fire this d-bag & apologize profusely.
  12. Such good news, thank you!!
  13. Does anyone have Iva's current contact info? She's the animal communicator who's been able to help in numerous IGs being found safely.
  14. It's still unknown what happened with Larry. I have been making phone calls to help out and nothing can be confirmed. I called the 2 Animal Control areas that would've retrieved Larry's body, had he been hit and killed and neither of them had any reports of him. It's possible that he might not have been killed and just injured and taken for help by one of the people who stopped near him on the road. And yes, an Air Canada person cut the zip ties when Larry's flight was delayed, thinking he would need to go for a walk. Please include Larry in your prayers, it would be wonderful to think that he might still be alive.
  15. Praying that Ember will soon be home, safe & sound.