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  1. What wonderful news! This made my day.
  2. Wonderful news! Thanks for the update.
  3. This is so sad. I'm hoping and praying that the reports were wrong and that Larry is still alive. His story has gotten national attention via the Yahoo homepage. Every time I opened the internet yesterday his picture was front and center. Hopefully the extra coverage will help bring him home. The airline accidentally sent a very callous e-mail regarding the situation and that's what garnered the media attention. Shame on you airline executives.
  4. That's wonderful! Keeping my fingers crossed that the others will be found soon. Thanks for the update.
  5. What wonderful news! I'm so glad that Lucy was found safe. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your mother. I know that it's a relief to your mother to know that Lucy was found and that all of your pets are in good hands. Now she can focus on healing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  6. What devastating news. My condolences to those who knew and loved Cairo.
  7. Lovely dragons Mary, but what's with the tombstone?
  8. What wonderful news. I'm so glad that Louie is home. You Granddaughter will be so surprised. Have you thought about having Louie microchipped? I just read today about a cat that was reunited with its family after 9 years thanks to its microchip.