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    Cali - August 30, 2006; Gotcha Date - May 4, 2007
    Lucy - August 29, 2009; Gotcha Date - June 24, 2010
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  1. Lucy was caught! My wonderful friend who has been orchestrating the search for her bought a Have-a-heart trap, put dog food in it and set it on my porch. He came back a few hours later and there was my girl! Freaking out, of course but at least she was safe. So both of my girls, both of my mom's girls (Japanese Chins) and his two dachshunds are tearing his house up! The other thing that is kinda cool is that Lucy doesn't really like men. I believe she had a bad experience with men with her previous owner. But according to Tom, after a while, she snuggled up to him! Amazing! I'll be here at the burn unit with my mom until tomorrow and then I'll head home to deal with insurance issues, etc. Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers!
  2. I'd be happy for any cross posts anyone can think of. If we don't find her soon, I'll get posters up in the area. I'm praying she's waiting to hear my voice before she comes out of hiding.
  3. Yesterday my mom's house caught fire while I was at work. In the confusion, one of my IG's Lucy got out. She's very shy and so far no one has been able to locate her. We've contacted animal control, posted an ad on Craig's list and I have people periodically checking the area. I'm about 160 miles away at the Westchester burn unit with my mom so I'm relying on my friends. Lucy is black, a biggy Iggy (overweight) and she is microchipped. She is very shy. If anyone spots her, please contact me at 512-769-6686. The house is on New Scotland Road, near the Price Chopper in Slingerlands. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated. Jeanne