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  1. Karen Kato’s "Should I buy…?" Should I consider getting an Italian Greyhound? There are many other pro's and con's written about owning an Italian Greyhound, but in this post, I'd like to address another issue that should be considered prior to purchasing ANY dog. In light of the development of the Internet and the ability of ordinary citizens to research, and find out information on where to purchase a breed of dog that they want, there is NO excuse for anyone to purchase a pet from a pet store. If you have access to the Internet, you have access as to why not to purchase from a pet shop. If you chose to ignore this information and purchase from a petshop, then you are part of the problem, not a part of the solution. The next question you should ask yourself is if you are able to afford to purchase one, whether from a pet store or local breeder, you need to equally decide if you can afford the monthly and yearly costs of owning a dog. Monthly costs for food, medications and incidentals (treats, new equipment, etc.) can range from $75.00 to $100.00 a month, depending on where you live. These costs do NOT include vet trips, both scheduled and emergency care. These extra costs can range from $50.00 to well over $4,000.00. Prior to purchasing, please read as much as you can on the Italian Greyhound. There are at least two Internet websites that thoroughly discuss the IG at great length, giving all the pro's and cons of the breed. and You should also plan to at least purchase the book, Italian Greyhound 21st Century by Lillian Barber and available through IG Productions. (see either website above for order information). If you truly want this breed, even after researching and reading up on the breed, start saving your pennies for emergencies. You don't have to be a millionaire to own this breed, but you do have to decide if you can afford the costs. Packing a few lunches instead of eating McDonalds will go a long way to budget your pet's needs. If you cannot afford the costs of owning an Italian Greyhound, please reconsider purchasing a pet at this time. If you have purchased from a responsible IG breeder instead of a pet shop, many of these things will be discussed prior to you bringing a new puppy home. Along with help on housetraining and training tips. Unlike the pet shop, responsible breeders do care that their pets receive the best start in life and that includes preparing owners for responsible pet ownership. This post is in no way meant to be mean nor insult anyone. My main concern has always been for the welfare of the breed. The costs of spaying, shots and yearly medical needs is not cheap. Owning an IG pup requires a bit of special knowledge. IG's can and do break legs. There are certain things IG owners should never do. (please see my Pet Owners Manual on my website). If by chance you purchased a pet from a pet shop and are considering placing the dog or returning the dog, I would recommend you contact a Rescue Organization nearest you. Preferably a reliable Breed (IG) rescue Representative. Most likely the pet shop will not take a dog back, but on the off chance they do, it would be much better to place such a dog in knowledgeable hands. If you have purchased from a responsible breeder and find you can no longer care for the dog, please contact the breeder and if you do not have the number, contact rescue for help. Thank you for caring enough to research before you purchase. -------------------- Karen and the Izat IG's ASK US ABOUT OUR COURSING BLANKETS, COLLARS AND SWEATER SNOODS!
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  3. Iggy Planet is a forum designed to bring together Italian Greyhound enthusiasts. Our goal is to educate new iggy owners (and ourselves!) about issues that affect our breed, and to have fun along the way. As for the breeders on the Planet, they work to better the breed through health and genetic testing, and pedigree research. Iggy Planet does not support puppymills, backyard breeders, and direct internet sales of dogs. We wholeheartedly support breed rescue. Off-topic subjects and photos are welcome. Lively debate is encouraged. However all members are requested to be respectful of each other! THE FIVE SIMPLE RULES 1. No name calling or personal attacks. Don't call someone names, no matter how frustrated you get with them. Don't announce that you think someone is a troll. Don't bring your personal grudges to the forum for all of us to witness. You get the idea. 2. No bashing other forums All forums are not for everyone. Some people belong to just one, and others to them all! If you have a problem with another forum, we request that you do not bash them here on Iggy Planet. It's not going to change the way anyone runs their forum, and causes too many headaches for us! 3. No bashing breeders There is a difference in a lively discussion between "bashing" a breeder or just stating facts. If the facts are public knowledge, and can be viewed on someone's website or in written materials, or if Rescue has documentation that a particular person's dogs end up there, that constitutes proof. Hearsay and second hand knowledge is not proof unless you can substantiate it. Please refrain from posting hearsay and innuendo. If you can't back it up, don't say it. 4. No advertising dogs for sale We do not allow anyone to advertise dogs for sale (even for free). Please don't publically recommend a breeder in threads, keep it to private conversation. We do allow breeders to announce their litters (upcoming and on the ground). If you want to contact someone about acquiring a dog from them, please do it privately. If you have a dog that needs to find a new home, we encourage you to contact rescue for help. If you would like to contact one of the Iggy Planet admins or moderators for information, we'll be glad to steer you in the right direction. We also encourage you to read the post in the FAQs entitled "Can't Keep Your IG?". Please remember that offering a dog to a new home on a public forum is not the safest thing for your dog! 5. No phone numbers Phone numbers are only permitted if concerning a lost dog or contacting rescue. Please remember that when posting any personal contact information you are putting yourself at risk for things like spam, unwanted emails and phone calls. Iggy Planet is not responsible for any misuse of personal contact information that is given out on the forum. If your post violates any of the FSR (Five Simple Rules), we can and will delete it. We will PM you if your post is removed, explaining what rule it violated. You may repost it, but please stay within our simple guidelines. If anyone has any questions regarding the FSR please email us at
  4. Iggy Planet has a website with some of our very best posts on a wide range of subjects. People new to the breed will find the FAQ site very informative, and we encourage everyone to hop on over and take a look!! Iggy Planet FAQ and Info